Safety Policy & Principles

SECURA-GROUPS, shall conduct its business and operations so as to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, the safety and health of its employees, clients, sub-contractors, visitors, and any third party individual who may be present at a SECURA-GROUPS, facility or work site. We recognize that the responsibility for safety and health is a shared one.

SECURA-GROUPS is responsible, and accepts the responsibility, to support and monitor the continuous progress of the safety and health program. SECURA-GROUPS will seek by the use of its policies and actions to communicate at every level, the company commitment towards safety, including the provision of proper training, equipment, and physical safeguards. More importantly, the company will seek to instill in all its employees and involved parties that safety is an important job requirement that is expected with the same level of commitment given to quality and production.

The company management and supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitude toward safety, firstly in themselves and secondly to those, whom they supervise. It is recognized that our continued ability to obtain jobs and be profitable depends upon our ability to conduct safe operations. All employees are responsible for wholehearted, enthusiastic cooperation with all aspects of the safety and health program, and for continuously practicing safety when performing their duties.

We will strive to maintain a safety and health program that conforms to the best practices of the industry. Our objective is to follow the safety guidelines of our Clients and provide a safety and health program that will consistently reduce the number of injuries and preventable illnesses, in a continuous effort in order to improve each day, towards the goal of zero accidents, injuries, and preventable illnesses.

Safety Policy & Principles

It is the policy of SECURA-GROUPS, to plan and conduct its operations throughout the country in accordance to sound environmental principles. We recognize that drilling involves a daily contact of our operations with the Earth's resources and ecosystems, in areas of extraordinary environmental value and sensitivity. We will strive always to carry out our work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, with a goal of zero long-term impact.

Some aspects of our work are subject to specific laws or regulations that prescribe our conduct. SECURA-GROUPS, will fully comply with all such applicable laws and regulations. More importantly, it is our policy to go beyond mere compliance with the law. Our policy is to employ the best practical environmental standards and procedures even in the absence of any legal requirement to do so. We will do it because we believe it is right and we believe that it is good business practice.

SECURA-GROUPS provides high quality products to the Oil/Gas and Civil Construction Industry, and it is our commitment to adopt the same roll in the environmental aspect of our work. To implement this commitment we pledge to conduct our operations complying with any community, government or client regulations, and by promoting, and educating environmental awareness to our employees, sub-contractors, local communities, and third party individuals involved in our operations.